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Heart Art Projects for Kids

Heart Art Projects for Kids

Now is the time to start planning for Valentine’s Day art projects.  I am going to share with you a few heart art projects I have taught in my school. First is the Map of My Heart. It is one of my favorites. I found the heart map idea in this book, Playful Learning.  Start by drawing a heart in pencil on your paper.  Think of all the things that you love or that are important to you.  What is … Read more…

Easy Dot Pictures

I was out for a couple days with a sub earlier this year (around Valentine’s Day) and I found this easy dot picture idea.  Since it was around Valentine’s Day, I left in my plans that kids could make hearts for their design or if they wanted to draw a different design that was fine too.  The steps are simple and easy, which is great for a substitute lesson.  I usually don’t leave paint for sub lessons, but I figured … Read more…

Yarn Wrapped Hearts (2nd Grade)

Often I get so wrapped up in the curriculum, I don’t take time to do “extra” projects which are just for fun for holidays.  Kids love celebrating holidays and often ask to do themed projects.  I am fine with that.. art should be fun!  I do like to incorporate skills and art techniques into each project we do.  For these yarn-wrapped hearts, I cut cardboard circles into heart shapes.  Since they had to be cut with a utility knife, I … Read more…

A Page of Hearts (Valentine’s Pictures)

A Page of Hearts (Valentine’s Pictures)

Valentine’s Day is coming!  Are you looking for a fun heart project idea to try with your kids?  This challenge for my 3rd graders was to design 9 different hearts.  I used this project with a substitute teacher earlier this week when I was home with sick kids.  The students received a photocopied grid and they were challenged with drawing hearts in each rectangle and designing them in unique ways and to try a variety of materials.. these were made … Read more…

Concentric Valentine’s Day Hearts

Valentine’s Day is coming!  I love heart-related art projects.  These concentric hearts were made by my second graders last year.  We talked about the art concepts of concentric shapes and patterns.  For more Valentine’s Day projects, look at these past blog posts.

Concentric Patterned Hearts: 2nd Grade

Concentric Patterned Hearts:  2nd Grade

Concentric means that the shapes share the same center and are placed inside one another. Patterns are arrangements of repeated parts Creating concentric patterned hearts are a great way to explore creativity, pattern making, size and shape.  We made these in 2nd grade around Valentine’s Day, but this would also be a nice idea for a Mother’s Day card or picture.  The children could write or draw about their moms in the spaces around the hearts.

Map of My Heart: 1st Graders

Map of My Heart:  1st Graders

The 1st graders made maps of their hearts!  This is a charming project that gives you a window into the lives of your students. First, they drew a large heart and then inside the heart they included things or people that were important in their lives.   They used permanent markers to draw and then watercolor paints to color in the heart. I got this idea from the book “Playful Learning” which would be a great book for a classroom teacher.  … Read more…

Valentine’s Stamped Heart Painting for Kindergarten

These were made by my kindergartners. I have seen a lot of gorgeous heart pictures around the internet lately. None of the techniques we used to make these are brand-new but maybe they are new-to-you! The kids experimented with watercolor pencils on a sheet of paper.  They practiced mixing and blending colors. A large heart was traced on to their picture (when dry).  Then, these were cut out. We stamped gadgets on the hearts using pink, red, purple and gold … Read more…

5 Valentine’s Day Projects for Kids

Each year, I tend to try something different for Valentine’s Day.  I like to spice things up, don’t you? Here are some from the past that I have done. 1.  Valentine’s Heart Collages  2.  Cool Hands, Warm Heart 3.  Easy Clay Hearts for Kindergarten  I have made these for Christmas presents, but they would be perfect for Valentine’s Day. 4.  Maps of My Heart (by Kindergarten) 5.   Styrofoam Printed Valentines Follow @marcia_beckett

Map of My Heart– Kindergarten

The kindergartners made Maps of their Hearts!  They included things that were important in their lives.  We drew with permanent markers first, then watercolor painted them in..  I got this idea from the book “Playful Learning” which would be a great book for a classroom teacher.  It was interesting to read, but most of the activities are math, science, reading related.