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Mixed Media Heart Collage

Do you have an art journal?  I love to make collages in mine.  Here is a heart collage that would be fun for kids to try. I started by lightly sketching a heart on my page. Then I tore off pieces of washi tape to add pattern. Next add torn pieces of paper, scraps and stickers. Cut out words from magazines or use printed positive words and phrases. Continue covering the heart piece by piece, right up to the edges. … Read more…

Map of My Heart: 1st Graders

Map of My Heart:  1st Graders

The 1st graders made maps of their hearts!  This is a charming project that gives you a window into the lives of your students. First, they drew a large heart and then inside the heart they included things or people that were important in their lives.   They used permanent markers to draw and then watercolor paints to color in the heart. I got this idea from the book “Playful Learning” which would be a great book for a classroom teacher.  … Read more…

Valentine’s Stamped Heart Painting for Kindergarten

These were made by my kindergartners. I have seen a lot of gorgeous heart pictures around the internet lately. None of the techniques we used to make these are brand-new but maybe they are new-to-you! The kids experimented with watercolor pencils on a sheet of paper.  They practiced mixing and blending colors. A large heart was traced on to their picture (when dry).  Then, these were cut out. We stamped gadgets on the hearts using pink, red, purple and gold … Read more…