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Heart Art Projects for Kids

Heart Art Projects for Kids

Now is the time to start planning for Valentine’s Day art projects.  I am going to share with you a few heart art projects I have taught in my school. First is the Map of My Heart. It is one of my favorites. I found the heart map idea in this book, Playful Learning.  Start by drawing a heart in pencil on your paper.  Think of all the things that you love or that are important to you.  What is … Read more…

Favorite Art Projects for Kids: Roundup of Kindergarten Lessons

Perhaps you are new to my blog or you would like to see some of my favorite kindergarten art projects from the past.  Look no further!  Here is a round-up of my 10 favorites. 1.  Cool Hands, Warm Heart 2.  Map of My Heart 3.  Paper Mache Rattles 4.  Texture Teddy Bears 5. Line Sculpture with Wire and Pipe Cleaners 6.  The Dot 7.  Clay Leaf Dishes 8.  Paper Weavings 9.  Line Paintings 10.  Sunflower Observational Paintings Also, I updated … Read more…