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Paper Mache Maracas with Kindergarteners

Paper Mache Maracas

Aren’t we always looking for ways to relate to other subjects?  This project is perfect to connect with your music program at school.

Materials you will need:

  • plastic Easter eggs (one per child)
  • plastic spoons (2 per child)
  • bean, rice or plastic beads for the inside to create the noise
  • masking tape
  • Elmer’s Art Paste
  • bowl, water, whisk (to mix the paper mache paste)
  • paper towels
  • paint
  • decorative washi tape


  • make connections between music and art
  • learn about maracas and shakers (I created a PPT about maracas & rattles, some of the information was taken from other free sites about maracas)  [embeddoc url=”https://www.artisbasic.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/rattles-and-maracas1.ppt” download=”all” viewer=”microsoft”]
  • develop fine motor control while assembling the maraca and applying paper mache
  • demonstrate understanding of the process of using paper mache
  • personal expression while designing the maraca


1.  I first saw this idea for the maraca structure here at Dana Made It.  I decided to take it a step further by adding paper mache and paint.  Day One:  Open the Easter egg and put in a handful of beans, rice or beads.  Tape the egg shut securely with masking tape.  Place two spoons on the edges of the Easter egg and tape together firmly with masking tape.  Wrap tape around the spoons for the handle.  Most of my students were able to successfully complete these steps.  Some of the students needed help to position the spoons or reinforce the maraca with extra tape.  After the kids left, I realized that they would need a name tag attached with wire, otherwise their name would be covered up with the paper mache.  I attached the wire name tags myself.

Rattle from Easter Egg2. Day Two:  Prepare by ripping up small pieces of soft, white paper towels.  Mix the paper mache paste the day before and allow the paste to “set.”  Leaving it overnight will allow the lumps to dissolve more.  Dip the paper towels in the Elmer’s Art Paste and wrap it all around the maraca.  If the maraca gets too goopy, use dry paper towels on top.  Here I have maracas on top of the drying rack to dry.  These became a bit lumpy, but I bet first or second graders would have no problem making these.

Paper Mache Rattles Paper Mache Rattles3.  Day Three:  After the maracas are dry (ours took two days to dry completely) you can decorate them with decorative art tapes, acrylic paint, glitter paint or paint markers.

Putting Washi Tape on the maraca painting a maraca

4.  Shake, sing and dance with the maracas!  I gave ours to the music teacher and they are using them in music class.

Kindergarten Rattles from Paper Mache Making Paper Mache Rattles


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About Marcia Beckett

Marcia is an elementary art teacher and loves painting, drawing, sculpture, art journaling and clay. Her blog, Art is Basic, features many exciting art projects for kids.

3 Responses to Paper Mache Maracas with Kindergarteners

  1. Cassi says:

    I bet the kids loved them! I’ll be featuring this on The Crafty Crow soon 🙂

  2. Michelle says:

    I’d love to see your powerpoint!

  3. Andrea says:

    I would like to see your powerpoint too! Can you post it?