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Lego Brickworld Convention, 2013: Part Two


First off, I just want to say that I had a fabulous time at home yesterday tuning in to all of the “ridiculously relevant” presentations from the Art of Education online conference.  First ever online art teacher conference!  Hats off to Jessica for organizing it!  What a lot of work I’m sure it was.  It was nice to see a lot of familiar names from the blogging world and I learned some new things.  There were several Ipad ideas presented and now I really want to play around with one!   I also got some good organization and curriculum ideas that I will have to try out next year.

Now, on to the Lego post!

I wrote a blog post earlier about our visit to the Lego Brickworld Convention.  Part One is here.

There were all kinds of fun characters built out of Legos.

Silly Rabbit Legos

Love the Alvin & the Chipmunks scene.

There was a whole huge table with interconnecting pieces.  There were hundreds of little soccer balls that moved between the parts.  This was an awesome ferris wheel-type structure that moved the balls to the next section.

I love this idea of putting miniature Lego sculptures inside Christmas ornaments.  I’m not sure what is in these ornaments, but I like the concept.

Christmas ornament Legos

My favorite exhibit is seen in this video. It is a really cute moving Viking ship!

One of the best parts of the convention was a large area in the back set up to play with Legos.  They had two big tables with lots of little gray Legos for older kids (and adults) and a floor set up with Duplo Legos for little kids.  Daria and her cousins played there for over an hour.

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