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Washi Tape Art Creations

Washi Tape Art Creations

Washi tape is so much fun to use!  You can pick up decorative tape at office supply stores, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby or other craft stores.  I also have bought washi tape online from various places.  Amazon has a lot of designs. The concept is simple.  Peel off the tape, stick to paper and color in the sections!  Here is my description statement we glued on the back: Students made colorful designs with tape as a short exploration in color and … Read more…

Shape Paintings and Color Mixing with Kindergartners

Wow, I’ve been so busy.  Aren’t we all though, right?  But really, this is one of the most busy times of year.  Parent-teacher conferences this week and March is when the yearbook needs to be finished up.  I also put up an art show at the public library (which I will post about later) and we have been working like crazy on our mural in the hallway!  The mural is almost done and I am just waiting until everything has … Read more…