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Rainbow Order Coloring Template

The first day of school was an orientation day for Kinders and new kids. We had a very shortened schedule and I saw the Kindergartners for about 10-15 minutes. I never feel like I know what the best use of that time is, because it is too short to do any real art projects and it is the first time I am meeting them. So, I decided to read them a story about colors and then do a simple coloring activity. The reason for this super simple activity is I can get to know the kids a little without worrying if the kids will be successful. We can go over some procedures and classroom expectations, but also have a few minutes to get our hands busy.

You can download a high quality PDF here for free.

I also showed them Ashley McKee’s poster “U Matter.” which is available in her and her husband’s Etsy shop. I love it so much! It is an upside down rainbow for the letter U. The picture below shows my bulletin board with the U Matter poster, as well as two other positive posters from Peter Reynolds.

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