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Yarn Wrapped Hearts (2nd Grade)

Often I get so wrapped up in the curriculum, I don’t take time to do “extra” projects which are just for fun for holidays.  Kids love celebrating holidays and often ask to do themed projects.  I am fine with that.. art should be fun!  I do like to incorporate skills and art techniques into each project we do.  For these yarn-wrapped hearts, I cut cardboard circles into heart shapes.  Since they had to be cut with a utility knife, I … Read more…

Fabric Dolls by the 1st Graders

Here are some of our cute fabric dolls the 1st graders made.  We used a lot of wrapping, tying and hot glue.  I would recommend having an older student helper or a couple of parent volunteers.  I’m trying to find an easier way to make fabric dolls with kids.  Any ideas?  These are very cute, but the kids needed a lot of help.   Google

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