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Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists

I purchased Carla Sonheim’s drawing book, because I’m always interested in looking at new drawing books or new mixed media art books and this is a combination of both.  She has a lot of drawing exercises on her blog also.  As an art teacher who avidly researches all sorts of art lesson plans, I have seen some of these drawing exercises before, but Carla puts her own unique spin on everything.  I really like how the book is laid out, … Read more…


07-10 Collage, made in July 2010, mixed media, collage, photo and fibers July 10 is my husband’s birthday.. 7/2010 is also when I made this collage… don’t you see? so many layers to the numbers… amazingly enough, my daughter’s birthday is 10/7. Easy to remember, which is great because I am terrible with dates.

Artwork Using Family Photos

What to do with all those family photos? Want to make a special gift for a holiday or occasion? These family photo collages are so fun to make. Using scrapbook paper, ribbons, photos and other bits and pieces of ephemera, make a montage incorporating a family photo or two. Add paint on top to tie the whole piece together.Lucy, 2008Too bad for the glare.. This is a photo collage I made for my niece. Sonia, 2008 My other niece, Sonia.

Collages on Boards

Here are a couple of my new collages. I found the supports for these at a hardware “Re-store” near our house. They are collaged on old shelving boards. Everything is layered, painted, collaged and photographs added. I like to share my artwork, because I know not every artwork is going to be top-notch. Making art, playing with materials and trying out new ideas is important in your artistic journey. Sharing the “exercises” with other people allows me to gain momentum … Read more…

Stack of Animals

My newest “layered” artwork is a stack of animals. I recently purchased some gouache, just some cheapo set to test it out. I really like how you can get a watercolor effect or a thicker paint application.

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