What does my blog name mean?


Art is a basic, fundamental part of a child’s educational experience.

Art has been a basic way for humans to communicate in all cultures throughout history.

Now, more than ever, creative thinking should be a core objective in all schools.

Art is essential.

  • Through this blog I share oodles of art project ideas, tips and tricks for managing the practical aspects of teaching art, and lots of inspiration from art & design.

This blog is for you if

  • you teach elementary art
  • work with kids in any kind of setting and want art project ideas
  • are a parent/grandparent looking to put more art in your child’s life.


Hello, nice to meet you!


My name is Marcia and I teach K-6 art at a small private school in Wisconsin.

I love making art with children and teaching about art in our world.  At school, I am also the yearbook adviser.  If you are a club adviser too, I would love to connect with you to share ideas.

Art journaling, mixed media collage and watercolor painting are my favorite types of art to experiment with in my free time.  My personal art blog is where I post my artsy creations.

I have a husband named Andrew, who works for the Wisconsin Radio Network. You may have heard him if you listen to the news on the radio in Wisconsin. We have two children, named Desmond and Daria.

Watercolor Bird, 2014, Marcia Beckett

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

  1. I am a potter, and I googled images of vases to use on a banner that I am designing for our potter’s guild. I fell in love with the pictures of pots created by your 4th and 5th grade students. I would love to put one of these pictures on our banner. Would that be possible?

    • Hi Megan! Wow, there is a lot I could say about how to set up a blog. I would recommend starting with Blogger.com, because it is free and very intuitive to use. I now use a self-hosted WordPress blog (via WordPress.org) which was much more complicated to get started, but there is a lot more customization available. Sign up with Blogger.com and start playing around. This book: Blogging for Creatives
      has a lot of information for beginners. You can also find lots of Blogger tutorials online. Good luck! I have not done blogging with my students before.

  2. Hi Megan:
    Thank you for sharing all the wonderful ideas. I have bookmarked your blog and will share it with our schools art teacher. It is so unfortunate that when schools decide to cut budgets, they often begin with the art department. Your ideas are fresh and I like the fact that you have included some “ecoart” too.

  3. I found your page when I googled “glass fusion Madison” wanting to go t one of those drop-in studios to make some fused glass pendants. got to a page that had your picture but not a name, and I was saying “that woman looks so familiar…”
    Now I have figured it out! My daughter was at Eagle Nest – 8! and is a high school senior now.
    Ever think about having a fused glass pendant making party for parents? fundraiser event?

    • Small world, isn’t it? We actually have fundraisers now at the Fire it Up pottery/glass place put on by the parents organization. That’s a really fun place, you should go there for glass fusing. Who was your daughter? For some reason I don’t recognize your last name.

  4. hi, marcia! i was researching art education blogs when i came upon your blog! i am preparing a post of art education blogs i am inspired by, and i like what you have going on here! i will be checking your blog more regularly and hope you will check out mine too. community! 🙂 i am originally from wisconsin too, so i was excited to read we share that in common. i will let you know when i publish the post! artmousehouse.com

  5. Marcia, I love your work, and the kids’ work too. I just left you a comment on the wind sock project… what kind of paper is this, and what size paper did you use? Thanks.

    • That is a great question! Thanks! Do you mean the photos that are like collages? I use Photoshop to create the photos with the words typed on them. I also use Picmonkey.com sometimes. I should do a tutorial post about this!