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Repeated Shape Designs

Repeated Shape Designs

This is a simple challenge that leads to a variety of creative artworks!  Choose one shape to repeat throughout your artwork.  Use markers, watercolor paints or any art media of your choice.  The challenge is to arrange the shapes in a unique and interesting composition. Include a variety of colors and sizes.  Overlap some shapes to add interest.  Add patterns or designs inside the shapes. Limitations encourage students to think in new ways.. to be creative within the constraints.

Repetition is an element that occurs over and over again in an artwork.

repeated shape paintings

Repeated Emoji DrawingRepeated Shape Designs

Repeated Shape Designs

repeated collage Repeated Shape Drawings

Take a look at these paintings by artist Rex Ray.  Aren’t these gorgeous?  Look at the pictures with your children and use these questions for discussion.

  1.  How does the artist show repetition in his artwork?
  2.  How did the artist make the artwork interesting?
  3.  How did he make each of the shapes different?
  4.  What does this artwork remind you of?

Another extension to this challenge is to tie it in to microscopic things.  Here is an example of an artwork a student made which was inspired by cellular structures, viruses and things under the microscope. I showed the students a PowerPoint about Art Inspired by Cells, Bacteria and Microscopic Things.  They looked at microscope pictures to create their painting.

Repeated Shape Designs

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4 Responses to Repeated Shape Designs

  1. I love that this lesson can be used to further discuss or review elements of art, but is also wonderfully open ended! Great idea, thank you. I really enjoy being on your email list

  2. Ruth Post says:

    Love these! Who doesn’t love patterns 🙂