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ABC Art Sketchbook for Kindergarten and 1st Grade: Plus one FREE DOWNLOAD

New product alert!  I’ve been working on this fun and very educational printable booklet for Kindergarten and 1st Grade in art class.

Alphabet Art Printable Activities

This printable booklet features the ABCs of art class. This book is perfect for Kindergartners and 1st graders. The booklet has a cover and 24 pages students can work on independently or as a class. This would be perfect for substitute lesson plans, centers or as a warm-up in class.

The pages are rich with art concepts, some easy and some more challenging. All of the words are art-related. “I can..” statements are on each page to describe what the children will do.

All of the pages are easily understood by the adult and most children will be able to quickly understand what to do. They are basic techniques and concepts– good for students as they are learning how to be a student in art class.  Most of the activities can be completed with pencil, crayons or markers.  There are a few activities that need extra supplies, for example.. W for watercolor (they can paint on a separate piece of paper and then glue it into the book), Y for yarn, S for scissors and G for glue (gluing scraps).

Each letter has a corresponding activity to complete in the book. For example:

D is for Dots: I can create a picture by making dots with markers, paint dotters or Q-tips.

G is for Glue: I can practice using my glue to glue scraps of paper.

V is for Variety: I can draw a picture that shows a variety of one thing.

These can be printed and completed individually or they can be printed off and stapled together as a booklet.


ABC Art Printable BookHere is a FREEBIE printable for you from this book!  K is for KIND … most of the other pages are art class specific, but this one can be universal to all classrooms.

To download the high resolution PDF printable, click here:  K is for Kind PDF Download

The letter K: K is for Kind

To download the high resolution PDF printable, click here:  K is for Kind PDF Download

Be sure to check out my TPT store if you would like to buy the full “My Art ABC” booklet.




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