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Lego Mosaics at the Brickworld Convention

I have more pictures to show you from the Lego Brickworld Convention that was held in Schaumburg, IL this summer.

If you love Legos, be sure to check out my first post about this convention.

I know some art teachers make mosaics with their students, so I decided to group all of the photos I took of the Lego mosaic art that was at this convention.  At the bottom of this post, I have a few links to some ways teachers have used Legos to make art.  If you have done this in your classroom, be sure to leave a comment to let me know!

Lego Mosaics 2Aren’t some of these amazing?

Lego Batman Mosaic

Lego mosaics art

Do you recognize any famous paintings?Lego Mosaics

This tree mosaic was my favorite of all the mosaics.  Very artistic.Lego Tree Mosaic mOSAICS

Here are some links I found related to this topic.

1.  Simple Mosaics for Kids… The Art Curator for Kids shows some examples of Lego mosaics that young kids would have no problem creating and tips for getting started.

2.  LEGO Wall….  I soooo want to do this in my classroom or somewhere in our school.  This blog post shows how one school transformed their library into a “Makerspace”.  I love the idea!

3.  A Community Mosaic Butterfly..  The Powell Gardens in Missouri created a collaborative butterfly mosaic.  It looks like there are also some Lego sculptures by artist Sean Kenney currently being displayed.

4.  Mosaic Lego Lamps… Here are some DIY directions to create Mosaic Lego Lamps.  This looks a little pricey, but perhaps you can figure out a way to make it work.

5.  Collaborative Rotational Symmetry...  Tricia Fugelstad received a grant to create a Lego wall.  Her students made collaborative mosaics using rotational symmetry.  Very fun!  Read the details of this lesson here.

Have you used Legos in your classroom?  Please share details if you have!

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