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Learning about Lines

Art Projects about Lines

Lines are an excellent starting point for lessons with Kindergarteners.  To begin this line unit, we read the book
Lines That Wiggle.


The students used colored tape to make straight lines across their paper.  We talked about horizontal, vertical, diagonal and ziz-zag lines.

Line Painting

During the next class period, the students used tempera cakes to paint a variety of lines:  wavy, loopy, dotted, dashed, squiggly, spiral, jagged and more.  Aren’t these lovely and expressive?

Line Painting Line Painting Line Painting Line Painting

After the painting project, we moved into three-dimensional art.  Using wire, pipe cleaners, beads, button and tape the students created line sculptures on a styrofoam base.

Line Sculpture Line Sculpture Line SculptureLine SculpturesI recently discovered Franklin Evan‘s artwork!  Look at his amazing installations and paintings and awesome lines.











And now I have some more fun line projects I dug up on the web for you.  Check out the blogs that are linked below.

Hot Air Balloons from Paint Paper

Magic Carpets from The Elementary Art Room!

Take a Line for a Walk by the David Lubin Art Studio

Line Landscapes from Arte a Scuola

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  1. Where did you get that colorful, thin tape for this amazing project?

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