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Dot Day Celebration

2014-09-22 00.06.24

Like many other art teachers around the world, my students participated in International Dot Day.  The students dressed up in polka dots, we watched the story of The Dot and sang along to The Dot song.

If you have not read the book The Dot, by Peter H. Reynolds, it’s a must-have for the art teacher!

2014-09-22 00.05.47

Two of my classes made the giant 3-d stuffed dots.  These were super fun to make.  I traced a hula hoop onto a large piece of color-diffusing paper (like a giant coffee filter).  I tried to find this particular banner paper online and it may be out of print now.  The closest thing I could find is this size paper.  We used liquid watercolors, eye droppers and paint dotters to paint the paper.  Then, we stapled two of the circles together and stuffed it with crumpled paper.

Making giant stuffed dots

2014-09-22 00.06.39


We made several different types of smaller dot pictures throughout the day.  The kindergartners made dot pictures with cut construction paper.  The lesson description is in a past blog post here.  The first graders made similar dot pictures, but used cardboard circles as their base.  I had ordered some precut tissue paper circles a couple of years ago and these were perfect for this lesson.

Dot Day Pictures

Several of the classes were shown how to use concentric circles to create a design and they used watercolor paints, Sharpies, paint dotters and dry erase crayons (which work really nicely on paper too.)  I let the kids take the lead and if they had a different idea, they just went with it.

Dot Day Pictures 2Dots Dots

I wanted to highlight the following three artworks below, because they are just so creative and fun.  The first one was made by a 5th grader.  He wanted to paint on a paper towel.  So, he taped a paper towel to a piece of cardstock and then painted his design with watercolors.  Isn’t it beautiful?  The next circular design caught my eye because of the unexpected silly face!  I love it!  The third is just striking because of all the colors and is a good example of the concentric circle design.

Dot Day Paintings

You can see in the photo below that I like to tack up the related book along with the display.  I just use T-Pins to hold the book up without poking through them.  I also ordered a Make Your Mark poster from the Fablevision store.  I wore a Make Your Mark t-shirt as well!

2014-09-22 00.07.38

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Marcia is an elementary art teacher and loves painting, drawing, sculpture, art journaling and clay. Her blog, Art is Basic, features many exciting art projects for kids.

5 Responses to Dot Day Celebration

  1. Mrs.C says:

    Beautiful display! I really enjoyed seeing all the different versions of the Dot! The giant poofy dots are fun! 🙂

  2. So beautiful! I cannot wait to share with my local art studio

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  4. Diana says:

    Love the display!

    Also, I found solution to my problem of painting with cheap neon paints………paint more than one coat and colors get brighter……let dry between coats of paint 🙂

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