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5 Fabulous Things an Art Teacher is Loving Right Now

Before I start with 5 Fabulous Things let me just tell you how jealous I am of any of you who went to Texas this week for the National Art Education Association conference.  I love love love going to these conferences.  Unfortunately it’s not possible for me to go every year, but I’m living vicariously through blog posts and facebook posts of other art teachers… like Mr. E  and the Art of Ed.

5 Fabulous Things– a round up of some things that made me smile, made me think, and generally just love right now.

1.  On Writing Craft Tutorials and Creating “Original DIYs”.

2.  The delicious art of Joel Penkman

Art by Joel Penkman

3.  Painting Designs on Our Arms by Teach Preschool.  I’m gathering up lots of good early childhood lessons for our soon to be added 4 year old class (in 2 years.)

4.  30 Mantras for People who Over Work.  Say it with me:  I’ve done enough for today!

5.  Speaking of delicious things… I’m loving all the lovely CAKE lesson plans I’ve seen around the internet lately.  I love this one from Rachel at ARTipelago.  I haven’t taught a Wayne Thiebaud cake lesson before.

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