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Creating White Space with Watercolor Resist Pens

Today I’m going to share with a fun technique for older kids or your own personal art journaling/painting.  I picked up the Christine Adolph watercolor resist pen from Paper Source, but you can find it on Amazon here (affiliate link.)  I thought it would be fun to try out.  Watercolor resist works by covering the paper and protecting the area underneath.  You can paint right on top of the gummy resist lines.  When it is all dry, you can peel … Read more…

Kindergarten Watercolor Shapes

I am always trying to come up with new ideas for my youngest students to experience painting in a successful way, learn about important art concepts and still be able to use their creativity. In this lesson, the goals were the following: Students will… Practice using a paintbrush properly. Learn about the qualities of watercolors through instruction and exploration. Experiment with watercolor resist. Be able to identify common shapes such as circle, diamond, triangle, trapezoid, star, square, oval, rectangle, heart and … Read more…