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Interview with an Artist: Justin Bua

Today I have a special artist to introduce to you.  His name is Justin Bua.  I was able to get an exclusive interview with him, so keep reading to learn more about his art.. in his own words! From his website, “Justin BUA is an award winning urban artist. His DJ poster has sold more than any other print of our era. His celebratory paintings of hip hop imagery document turntable, b-boy, MC and graffiti culture. BUA is one of … Read more…

Animal Cloth Paintings inspired by Korhogo Cloths

My 3rd grade classes learned about African Korhogo Cloth paintings. They had been studying Africa in their Social Studies class.  Here are some of the resources we used:  information about the cloth paintings and a couple of YouTube videos– Take a Look at African Korhogo Cloth and Senufo Art (although I do caution you that there is some tribal nudity at the beginning of this documentary in the intro, so start it after 20 seconds in).  There is a really cool tribal dance portion … Read more…