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Kindergarten Line Lanterns

This project is relatively simple and takes learning about lines into the third dimension. I posted about this project back in 2013 and it was one of my most popular blog posts.  I usually do a line painting project with the kindergartners.  This is a great way to learn about types of lines, practice painting with a paintbrush and develop all those great fine motor skills you want the little ones to learn such as gluing and coloring. 1. The … Read more…

Cardboard Chairs and Preschool Bird Art

Cardboard Chairs and Preschool Bird Art

Hi folks!  What have you been doing this summer? It’s already flying by, isn’t it?  Here is a recap of my summer so far. What I HAVE been doing: keeping Daria busy playdates with friends Children’s museum, zoo, pool, splash parks, playgrounds feeding Desmond and changing lots of diapers organizing my room at school (I will give you a tour of my revamped room when it’s all done.) grilling out, eating icecream, going out to eat family reunion in IL … Read more…