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ABC Books for the Art Room

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I love using children’s books in the Art classroom. Over the years I have collected variety of books related to art, artists, themes we study or simply have inspiring pictures. This blog post is a round-up of several ABC books that I like to use in Art class.

  1. The first one is called B is for Badger, A Wisconsin Alphabet. Kathy-Jo Wargin has a number of other titles in this series that are alphabet books. There are alphabet books for other states as well. There are a few art-related concepts in the book, but most pages focus on sites and things Wisconsin is known for.

There are books for different states and the publisher has other alphabet books similar to this one. For example, D is for Dancing Dragon, a China Alphabet.

2. Another book by this publisher that I LOVE which is perfect for the art classroom is M is for Masterpiece. This one has a lot of great art concepts and artists in it. It is a good book to read at the beginning of the year, because it is an introduction to a lot of topics.

3. Another excellent art ABC book with a lot of art concepts, is An ABC of What Art Can Be. It is published by the Getty museum, so you know it is quality! I love the interesting and layered collage illustrations. If you could only buy one ABC art book, I would buy this one (or the M is for Masterpiece one- those two are my favorites).

4. Your kids older than Kindergarten might be turned off by the name Baby Einstein, but the book itself has a nice range of interesting artworks! Baby Einstein- the ABCs of Art. The pages also have discussion questions to talk about the art. I would use this for pre-school or kindergarten.

5. This book is very similar to the Einstein ones, with the ABCs being objects in the artwork. It also has discussion prompts to get kids looking and talking about art. A is for Art Museum

6. The next book is not specifically about ART concepts, but I love the illustrations in this book. Here is a review I wrote about Peanut Butter and Jellyfishes and an art lesson plan I did with 1st graders.

7. Dr. Seuss never disappoints with his very imaginative books. Here is a whacky and creative one called Dr. Seuss’s ABCs.

8. Last, but not least, is Eating the Alphabet by Lois Ehlert. I love Lois Ehlert’s illustrations and everything she collages. Just beautiful! Also, not specifically art concepts, but the pictures are artistic.

Did I forget any great alphabet books you like to use in your art classroom? Please share below in the comments! I am always on the hunt for new books to read.

Here are a few art lessons that go along with the alphabet theme!

Alphabet Monsters

Alphabet Art Drawings

Patterned Letters

Letter Painting with Kwik Stix

Painting Over Adhesive Letters

Collograph Prints

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  1. K S says:

    My favorite game for creativity is chess. I am terrible so I think about drawing mandalas when I play.

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