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Cooperation and Playground Rules Posters

This year, our school has been focusing on kindness and cooperation.  In art class, my students created posters to display around the school about kindness, cooperation and playground etiquette.

Students cooperated together to make posters about cooperation!

Each group received a slip of paper with a cooperation “slogan”.

The Power of Cooperation

C – Care for each other – Be Kind

O – Obey rules

O – Offer to help others

P – Participate together as a team

E – Encourage one another

R – Remember everyone should have fun

A – Attitude is important

T – Take turns – mind your manners

E – Everyone matters

Playground Etiquette

Some of the classes made posters about playground etiquette.  We had a list of playground rules and guidelines which I cut up and distributed to the kids.

Some of these guidelines were:

  1.  Learn the rules and follow them.
  2.  Be open to new friends.
  3.  Include everyone.
  4.  Don’t give excuses if you lose.
  5.  Mix it up, play with everyone.
  6.  Stay in control of your emotions.
  7.  Be a good sport. Don’t boast.
  8.  Get some exercise.
  9.  Remember to have fun!

Have you ever done something like this with your students?

What other kinds of posters could your kids make about being kind and cooperative?


A good book about kindness and happiness is Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

I am a big fan of reading children’s books to go along with art projects.

Image result for have you filled a bucket today

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