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3 Fun and Easy Kindergarten Art Lessons

For me it is always a challenge to keep up with Kindergarten art projects. I see my classes twice per week for 40 minutes, so they get to do a lot of art!  They go through lessons and projects quickly, their attention spans are short and they have difficulty sometimes with very basic skills.  Here are three Kindergarten art lessons that are fairly easy to prepare for, teach important art concepts and use the same selection of materials.

3 Easy Art Projects for Kindergarten

The first two lessons I taught this year (castles and trains) and the last lesson (the sailboats) I taught at the end of the year last school year.

Shape Castles and Shape Trains were part of the same unit about (what else?) shapes!

Shape Castles


  • 12x 18″ colored construction paper
  • slightly smaller white construction paper
  • precut construction paper squares and rectangles of various sizes (teacher chops ahead of time on cutting board.)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • markers
  • Book to introduce shapes: When a Line Bends . . . A Shape Begins and  The Shape Of Things  are two of my favorites.


After introducing types of shapes, give each table a basket of pre-cut rectangles and squares.  Show them how to cut circles, triangles, thinner rectangles, arches and octagons from the rectangle pieces.  Stack shapes and glue to make castles.  Demonstrate how to layer shapes to make windows and details.  On the second day, use markers to add extra details and drawings.  Staple on to a larger piece of construction paper.  In the border, draw some of the shapes you have learned about.  I thought these turned out pretty fun and creative for the one of the first projects of the year.

Kindergarten Shape Castles

Next we continued exploring shapes with Shape Trains.

Shape Trains


Prepare by precutting squares and rectangles of various sizes.  Punch out enough circles from black paper for wheels (I multiplied the number of students by 8).  Start by demonstrating how to draw railroad tracks on paper.  Next, demonstrate how to arrange squares and rectangles to make a train.  Glue to the paper.  Next, use smaller rectangles or squares for windows.  Glue on wheels.  Cut triangle shapes for the front and the chimney.  After the train has been assembled, use markers to add details.  Draw things in the background and also draw a variety of shapes on each of the train cars.  Try practicing drawing all the shapes you have learned about.

Shape Trains for Kindergarten

Finally we have..

Sailboat Collages

Materials needed

  • Construction paper of different shades of blue
  • Markers
  • The sail template printed on to thicker white cardstock (1 for each kid)
  • The boat template printed on to brown construction paper
  • Flat wooden stick (available at your local craft store)
  • Fabric scraps

This project starts with teaching how to cut the water shape by cutting a wavy line from a shade of blue paper.  Glue down the water to the paper.  Next, cut out the various printed parts of the sailboat (the boat, the sails).  Color and decorate the sails with markers.  Glue all the parts of the boat to the paper.  Glue the wooden stick in the middle as the mast.  Cut out a flag from colorful fabric scraps if desired.


If I teach this project again this year, I will have the students use paint to practice different brushstrokes for the water.  I think a painted background would make the picture more interesting!

Here are the templates I used.

boats PDF master-spring-summer-pastiche.ai

Free School Supply Clip Art from Joyful Hands Products

Resource Recommendation

Art Sub Lessons blog by Jan from Snippety Gibbet has lots of great ideas shared for simple art projects that can be used by substitute art teachers.  I love her stuff from her Teachers Pay Teachers shop as well.

Look at this fun FREE Claw Machine drawing sheet!  I think this is so fun and I know my kids would love to come up with stuffed animals and prizes to put inside.  My daughter and son ALWAYS beg me to let them play a claw machine whenever we see one and for some reason my city seems to have a lot of them in random restaurants.   Jan also has a Disguise a Turkey sheet, Create and Elf and a Make Your Own Troll sheet (and others).  I saw the Troll movie this weekend and it was so much fun! Love it.  Lots of fun music, glitter and bright colors!

I hope you have a very great week and let me know if you have any questions or comments!

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Marcia is an elementary art teacher and loves painting, drawing, sculpture, art journaling and clay. Her blog, Art is Basic, features many exciting art projects for kids.

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