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Girl Scout Daisy Ideas!

Because I didn’t have enough to keep me busy, I am now a Girl Scout co-leader for a kindergarten Daisy troop.  My daughter wanted to join Girl Scouts and there wasn’t any already established groups that worked for us.  We have 10 girls in our troop, all kindergartners and we meet twice a month.

I have enjoyed following other Girl Scout leaders’ blogs to see what they are doing, and I thought I would share some ideas in case anyone else is a scout leader.  Or maybe you can use some of the activities with your kids somehow.

First, I created a board to tell about the things we need to know in Girl Scouts:  the Promise, the Girl Scout Law, the Pledge of Allegiance and a diagram of how the uniform is set up.  Since I don’t have everything memorized either it’s been good to have a cheat sheet!

Girl Scouts Troop BoardNext, we made a job chart.  Kapers is just a fancy word for jobs.  See, I learned something new too.

Girl Scout Kapers Chart I didn’t really know anything about Girl Scouts other than that they sold cookies, but they have a really nice program and philosophy.  I’m glad I signed up to be a leader because I’m having a lot of fun.  One of the philosophies is to gradually make things girl led… giving them choices in activities (where have I heard about choice before?) and taking their ideas seriously.  The way “girl-led” looks at kindergarten is much different than an older troop.  I love the idea that by the time the girls get to junior high or high school, they could potentially be running the meetings themselves and planning activities!  Great for leadership skills!

Daisy Kaper ChartThe girls decorated these People-Shaped Wood Craft Sticks which I think I bought at Michael’s, but they have them on Amazon.  We used construction paper, paint markers and washi tape to decorate.  It’s a good thing I have tons of art supplies lying around my house!  So, the idea with this is that their names are written on the sticks (I blurred them for privacy) and then the sticks get put into the little envelopes each meeting to tell who has what job.

Girl Scout Decorated People Sticks Decorated People Wooden Sticks

Our first meeting was an intro meeting where we got to know each other and made name tags and such.  The second meeting was all about learning what the Girl Scout Promise meant. We read the book Pinkalicious Pinkie Promise and talked about it.

We made this cute craft with the hand showing the Girl Scout hand symbol.
Girl Scout Promise Craft

Girl Scout Promise Craft

Girl Scout Promise CraftGirl Scout Promise

[embeddoc url=”https://www.artisbasic.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Promise-Template.pdf” download=”all”]

At our next meeting, we learned about the Lupe petal, honest and fair and read the story that was in the Daisy Girls Guide.  We played a musical chairs-type game and were fair while we did an ornament craft.  I bought plastic ornament balls and lots of little holiday “stuff” to put in them like fake snow, feathers, beads, little candy canes, little snowmen, bells, mini Christmas lights and so forth.  It was easy for the girls to pick out what they wanted and put them in the ornaments.

Fill an Ornament with Holiday Stuff Fill an Ornament with Holiday Stuff Fill an Ornament with Holiday StuffDuring the next few meetings we are going to decorate holiday cookies, attend a garden party put on by a 1st grade Daisy troop and go to a Cookie Blast Off event to get us ready to sell cookies.

I hope you have enjoyed my post!  From time to time I will share a little about what we are up to in Girl Scouts.


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