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Iron Pour Event

This month I participated in an Iron Pour event.  This was put on by a group of iron artists in our community.  My friend invited me to do this because she had done this last year and thought it was awesome. This is not something I would ever be able to do on my own because it involved an insane amount of set up, involving dangerous materials, smashing bathtubs, etc.

First, we bought sand molds from the shop.  Then, I got together with a few of my friends to carve our sand molds.  The carving took about 2 hours.  We used some printmaking carving tools that my friend had and other types of sharp chisely tools.

Iron Pour

On the day of the iron pour, I dropped off my molds and watched them set up for awhile.  I unfortunately couldn’t stay for the day, because we have a LOT going on right now… BUT my friend Katie stayed and took all of these fascinating photos.

Iron Pour 2 Iron Pour 5 Iron Pour 6 Iron Pour 7 Iron Pour 8 Iron Pour 9

Here are my finished hearts.  They came with a super strong magnet that can be screwed into the wall to hang them.

Iron Hearts
2017 is my year of trying new things and making things happen!  More on that resolution later…


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