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Easy Coffee Filter Snowflakes

My kindergartners recently made these pretty coffee filter snowflakes.  The process is simple.  First, color the coffee filter with Crayola washable markers.  Then spray with water.  The colors will run and blend together.  Let dry. During the next class, fold the circle in half three times.  Cut out shapes as you would a regular snowflake.  Unfold and glue to a black piece of paper. Add designs with metallic paint markers or Crayola Metallic Markers.

Mixed Media Snowmen Art Project for Kids (1st Grade)

Are you looking for a fun new way to make snowmen with your kids?  I got the idea to use makeup remover pads  from Happy Hooligans. I did this project with 1st graders. Start by mixing shades of blue paint with white and other cool colors.  Explain to kids that when you mix white with a color, it makes a lighter tint of that color.  Paint a background for your snowmen.  Let it dry. Next, set out makeup remover pads, … Read more…

Winter Holidays Coloring Page

Hi!  I hope you are enjoying your winter so far.  I like to make little greeting cards to give to my students at winter time for various reasons.. thank yous for gifts or just because they want a little piece of my art.  A few years ago I made a cute little polar bear coloring card and it was a big hit with my students. Now I know some art teachers cringe at coloring pages, but I think they’re fun.  … Read more…

Penguin Collage Paintings with Kindergarteners

Thank you, Patty Palmer, for this fun penguin collage project idea! We used paint dotters to paint the backgrounds instead of paintbrushes (and I also didn’t get out all the extra collage supplies because so much of our stuff is in storage right now), but otherwise, you can see the steps on Patty’s website.

Coffee Filter Snowflakes with 1st grade

The week before winter break, the first graders made colorful coffee filter snowflakes. 1.  Color the coffee filters with washable markers. 2.  Spray with a water bottle and watch the colors magically spread like tie-dye.  Allow to dry overnight. 3.  The next day, fold the circle into half and then half again and half again.  Cut out little shapes and pieces of the coffee filter. 4.  Glue the snowflake on to a colored piece of construction paper.  Glue on confetti, … Read more…

Winter Pop-up Scene Art Project for 2nd Grade

Aren’t these fantastic?  I love these pop-up winter scenes. Guess what?  I just made a companion Facebook page for my blog!  I thought it would be fun to have another avenue to easily share all kinds of artsy inspiration I come across.  Most of the Facebook updates will be links to other blogs, articles and interesting artistic things I find around the web.  Of course, I will also share things about my blog, but MOST of the posts will be … Read more…

Polar Bears and Snowmen

I was inspired by the polar bears at We Heart Art so I taught a painting project with my 2nd graders.  The students could choose to paint either a polar bear or snowman with white paint.  Hats, scarves, snow and facial features were drawn on with oil pastels or cut from the scrap box.

Kindergarten Matching Mittens Painting with Oil Pastels

This art project is an oldie, but a goodie.  I’m not sure where I first saw this project.  I think maybe one of the other art teachers taught this lesson in one of my previous school districts.  I have seen some lovely variations of this project online.  Here is a beautiful one from Pixels and Paintbrushes.  It looks like we were both working on them at the same time.  🙂 We began by tracing mitten templates on a piece of … Read more…

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