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Easy Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Easy Coffee Filter Snowflakes

My kindergartners recently made these pretty coffee filter snowflakes.  The process is simple.  First, color the coffee filter with Crayola washable markers.  Then spray with water.  The colors will run and blend together.  Let dry. During the next class, fold the circle in half three times.  Cut out shapes as you would a regular snowflake.  Unfold and glue to a black piece of paper. Add designs with metallic paint markers or Crayola Metallic Markers.

Free Symmetry Challenge Sheet

I have been working on making printable activity sheets to put into sketchbooks for my students.  My plan is to have them work on some of these for “bell ringers” or 5 minute warm-ups while they are waiting for the rest of their class to arrive (my students travel from class to class on their own and some trickle in minutes later than others… it’s a complicated scheduling story which I can explain if you are interested.)  The sketchbooks will … Read more…