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Blogging with Students: A Guest Post

Hi friends!  I have a treat for you today.  My very intelligent and dedicated co-worker Katie McEnaney is guest posting for Art is Basic today.  She was previously our 3rd grade Language Arts/Social Studies/Drama teacher and this year she moved to the 6th/7th grade level.  She also created the blog The Logonauts, which focuses on a variety of literature related topics. Many readers have asked me for advice about blogging with students.  Since my time is so limited with my students, I … Read more…

Guest Post: Youth Volunteer Honors

Today I have a guest post from Valerie Cardaci about the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards.  I found it interesting and inspiring how these two award winners were using art to volunteer in their community.  I thought it was cool that you can visit the website and search by state to see award winners and descriptions of the volunteering they have done.  In addition to the recognition, the honorees can win $1000 and a trip to Washington, D.C.  Keep this … Read more…