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Make Your Own Creature with Fabric and Paper Scraps


Little artists love digging into a big box of fabric scraps to find the perfect patterned piece that speaks to them. We have an upcoming Fine Arts Night with the theme of Animals. We are calling it “Wild about the Arts”, which someone suggested in the Facebook art teachers group.  The 1st graders made these fun creature collages.   First we read the book Zigzag by Robert Souci and looked at the illustrations of fabric dolls. The students made creature collages, either … Read more…

Giveaway: Smart Fab Rolls!

Have you used Smart Fab in your classroom? I was recently sent a sample pack of this product and I would love to see how you’ve used it. We are going to use it for accent shapes in fabric collages. Check out this instructional video about how to use Smart Fab. This product is a non-woven fabric that can be used in art projects for kids and adults. The unique properties of Smart-Fab allow it to be easily cut, glued, … Read more…

Fabric Dolls by the 1st Graders

2013-04-11 01.23.09

Here are some of our cute fabric dolls the 1st graders made.  We used a lot of wrapping, tying and hot glue.  I would recommend having an older student helper or a couple of parent volunteers.  I’m trying to find an easier way to make fabric dolls with kids.  Any ideas?  These are very cute, but the kids needed a lot of help.   Google

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