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Clay Masks with 3rd Grade

Clay Masks

  To make these charming clay animal masks, we used plastic face molds (with a layer of plastic wrap in between) as a slump mold for the clay.  Another option was to use the back side of a styrofoam bowl to shape the mask.  The children added and secured the parts of the face.  After firing, they were painted with clay glazes.

Clay Wall Hangings: 2nd Grade

Here is a fun and easy project that I taught to my 2nd graders.  We used regular firing clay and gloss glazes. Here is a video I made for my students to demo how to make the wall hangings.  This was before I got my new camera so the quality isn’t as great. Cassie Stephens has done a similar wall hanging project with just the initials.  Next year, I might try that! 

Clay Projects for Kids

Clay Bobbleheads

Hello!  Today I am going to catch up on some of the clay projects my students have been working on.  The last few weeks we have been busy learning clay techniques, building and glazing.  We weren’t able to use regular clay for the past year since the kiln was out of commission, so my students were itching to work with clay! The 5th/6th grade classes made Clay Castles. We connected a clay unit to their study of the Middle Ages.  … Read more…

Practice Rolling Clay Coils with Kindergarten

clay letters 007 (740x555)

I wanted my Kindergarten classes to practice rolling coils with clay before we started on our actual clay project.  I had written out all of their names on long pieces of paper at the beginning of the year, but decided to change the project I had planned. I gave each child a paper with their name written on it.  They practiced rolling clay coils with their fingers and then bent the coils to fit on the letters.  This was a … Read more…

Egyptian Clay Sarcophagus Art Project for 4th and 5th Graders

This is a clay lesson that has been a big hit with my students.  You can see my previous posts about this project here and here.  The 4th/5th grade class studies ancient Egypt in their social studies class and they are excited to learn more about the art and architecture in my class.  I show them a Powerpoint with an overview of Egyptian art and then they work on drawing a sarcophagus design of their own.  I encourage them to … Read more…

Clay Pinch Pot Monsters by 2nd Graders

These cute pinch pot monsters were made by my 2nd grade class.  Here is a handout you could use about how to make a pinch pot. After making a pinch pot, the students turned them on their side, squished the mouth down a little and then added eyes, noses, horns, ears, tongues and teeth.  Make sure to score and add water in between each part.  (Some people make slip, but I have found that with our consistency of clay, just … Read more…

Building Castles from Clay (5th and 6th grade)

Hi friends.  I have so many projects back-logged to show you.  I did clay with all of my classes during the month of September.  We are building on to our school and because of construction, our kiln will be out of commission at the end of November through the end of the school year, so we have to get all of our clay done now! My 5th/6th grade classes made clay castles.  They will be studying the Medieval period later … Read more…

Clay Flowers made by 3rd Grade

I’m in love with these gorgeous clay flowers my 3rd graders made. This summer when I was on vacation in Michigan, I saw some lovely clay wall hangings in an artsy shop.  They were layered clay flowers and they were HUGE!  They were so awesome.  I thought my students could make something similar on a smaller scale. The kids learned how to roll out a clay slab.  Then, they cut out various flower templates, traced them and cut them from … Read more…

Clay Pinch Pot Monsters with 2nd Graders

This is a tried and true clay lesson for kids.  Who doesn’t love cute monsters? The 2nd graders started by making pinch pots.  This handout shows you how. Turn the pinch pot on its side and add eyes, teeth, ears, tongues, feet and other details.  We painted ours with acrylic and tempera paints.

Clay Castles with 5th and 6th Grade

The fifth and sixth graders study the Medieval time period in their Language Arts/Social Studies class.  I love teaching this clay castle project because it allows the students to practice important clay building skills (plus it’s just fun!): rolling slabs building with slabs scoring and using slip smoothing adding embellishments glazing We started by drawing some preliminary sketches of Medieval castles.  The students looked at some examples for reference. The Medieval Castle (one example of a resource) They drew their … Read more…

Clay Face Mugs- 3rd grade

2013-02-18 01.30.20

Making clay mugs with 3rd graders.. This is a great lesson that can be adaptable to pretty much any age.  I’ve taught this project with middle school students and had very successful results.  This is the youngest I’ve taught the clay face vase project and I think they did a very good job! Clay techniques used: rolling slabs and using a straight edge to cut a clay rectangle tracing a cutting a clay circle for the base forming facial features … Read more…

5 Valentine’s Day Projects for Kids


Each year, I tend to try something different for Valentine’s Day.  I like to spice things up, don’t you? Here are some from the past that I have done. 1.  Valentine’s Heart Collages  2.  Cool Hands, Warm Heart 3.  Easy Clay Hearts for Kindergarten  I have made these for Christmas presents, but they would be perfect for Valentine’s Day. 4.  Maps of My Heart (by Kindergarten) 5.   Styrofoam Printed Valentines Follow @marcia_beckett

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