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Positive Mindset Posters

Positive Mindset Posters

Growth Mindset… Positive Thinking.. whatever you want to call it, there is power in changing the way you think about your day. This package has 24 colorful, positive posters to hang in your classroom. I choose to be positive. Attitude and Effort are more important than talent. Attitude is the mind’s paintbrush. It can color any situation. Is this my best work? A Challenge lets me exercise my brain. Don’t say “I can’t”. Do say, “I will give it a … Read more…

Easy Collaborative Art Banners with Motivational Words

  At the end of the year in June, I posted about a collaborative word banner project I did with all of my students.  Write inspirational words using block or bubble letters on large banner paper.  Outline with paint.  Color patterns and designs inside with markers.  Use printouts of Romero Britto‘s artwork for pattern inspiration. I also used this as an option for students who finished their other art projects and wanted to help out.  I saved them for the … Read more…

Easy End of Year Art Project: Collaborative Banners

Easy End of Year Art Project

Are you looking for an easy end-of-year art project?  On the last days of school, I had some students that needed to finish up art projects and others that really just wanted to be done with the school year.  This was a fun and easy collaborative project that many students opted to participate in. I got the idea from Romero Britto’s word artworks, like this one and I think I may have seem *something similar* somewhere at some time.. but … Read more…

Dot Day Celebration

Dot Day Celebration

Like many other art teachers around the world, my students participated in International Dot Day.  The students dressed up in polka dots, we watched the story of The Dot and sang along to The Dot song. If you have not read the book The Dot, by Peter H. Reynolds, it’s a must-have for the art teacher! Two of my classes made the giant 3-d stuffed dots.  These were super fun to make.  I traced a hula hoop onto a large … Read more…