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Clay Camp for Kids– Week Three– Birds in a Nest


Here are some of the things we have been working on during clay camp for kids. The kids are going into kindergarten-6th grade. Week 3 I taught the little ones (entering K-3) how to make pinch pots for birds’ nests and then how to form a bird. All of our projects will be painted next week. This is a good project for learning how to make pinch pots. First make a pinch pot with a couple of eggs in it. … Read more…

Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists


I purchased Carla Sonheim’s drawing book, because I’m always interested in looking at new drawing books or new mixed media art books and this is a combination of both.  She has a lot of drawing exercises on her blog also.  As an art teacher who avidly researches all sorts of art lesson plans, I have seen some of these drawing exercises before, but Carla puts her own unique spin on everything.  I really like how the book is laid out, … Read more…

Weaving Wonders Camp Part 5


Weaving on Straws Here is a really fun and addicting way to weave… on plastic drinking straws!  There’s no reason to re-write all the directions out, so here is a link to how to weave on straws.   If you get stuck, there are plenty of websites with full directions and even videos… simply google “weaving on straws.”  With this project, I set up the straws ahead of time for the kids.  (There were only about 6 or 7 kids … Read more…

Clay Camp for Kids– Week Two


We are having a great time at the summer Clay Camp for kids that I taught in DeForest, WI.  The second week we made clay monsters.  To make a monster, first, start by making a pinch pot.  See this website for a demo of pinch pots if you are not sure how.  Next, gently squish the pinch pot so it is slightly flattened.  Turn the pinch pot on its side and add teeth, eyes, legs, feet, horns, ears, nose, tongue … Read more…

Weaving Wonders Part 3


Paper Weaving.  One of the projects I did with the kids for my Weaving Wonders Camp was Paper Weaving.  Paper weaving is, of course, one of the first and most basic types of weaving.  Kids in kindergarten, first or second grade will often complete paper weavings as introduction to weaving.  Preparation:   Gather fancy scrapbook paper, with patterns, bright colors and maybe even glitter.  Add some solid colors if you wish.  Cut strips on a paper cutter, approximately 1/2-1 inch … Read more…

Bohemian Shadows: zendoodling

When I taught middle school art, one of the sketchbook assignments I had the kids complete was a page of doodling. They looked very much these. Bohemian Shadows blog gives a nice tutorial for this type of doodling. There are also books and workshops with the name “Zentangles” (not by Bohemian Shadows).. they coined the name which is basically just a glorified name for doodling. Anyways…. I think this year I will print out some examples for my elementary students … Read more…



07-10 Collage, made in July 2010, mixed media, collage, photo and fibers July 10 is my husband’s birthday.. 7/2010 is also when I made this collage… don’t you see? so many layers to the numbers… amazingly enough, my daughter’s birthday is 10/7. Easy to remember, which is great because I am terrible with dates.

Clay Camp for Kids- Week One


This summer I have also been teaching a clay class for kids through the DeForest parks and recreation dept. It is only 6 sessions, one hour each session. I have 2 groups of kids: K-3, then 4-7 (roughly, there are some overlaps). Some of the weeks I am teaching the same projects and other weeks we are doing different projects. The first week we made leaf dishes. They are very simple and a good way to teach about rolling slabs. … Read more…