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Printmaking with Apples: Pumpkin Jack-o-Lanterns

This was a fun introduction to printmaking.  I did this project with Kindergartners.  I got the idea from this image on Pinterest. I read them The Pumpkin Book by Gail Gibbons.  I cut apples in half and the students dipped them into orange paint and stamped them on their paper.   The next art class, I provided them with printouts of images I found online of jack-o-lanterns and the students used markers to draw faces and stems on the pumpkins. … Read more…

Googly Eyed Sticker Monsters

With Halloween coming, this is an especially fun open-ended project for little kids.  I did this with kids up to grade 3 and they were super excited to come up with their own monsters. Supplies needed (Amazon affiliate links used): Peel and Stick Wiggle Eyes Wiggle Eyes Stickers On A Roll Multi-Color Markers, crayons or other coloring tools White or colored construction paper Handouts for inspiration:  Monster Dice Drawing and Examples of Monsters This is a real simple introduction and … Read more…

Halloween Art Ideas

Halloween Art Ideas

Halloween is almost here!  We’ve been having fun with a variety of Halloween art projects.  Kindergartners made collage pumpkins with a variety of tactile materials like feathers, yarn and foam shapes. First graders made texture rubbing pumpkin pictures and traced leaves from construction paper.  Second graders made pumpkin patch pictures with water soluble crayons, paints and Sharpies. Happy Halloween!

Halloween Pumpkin Painting Art Project for 1st Grade

Halloween Pumpkin Painting Art Project for 1st Grade

Happy Halloween!  These painted pumpkins were a hit with my first graders. Every year I do some sort of pumpkin project with my students.  Whether it is actually painting on little pumpkins or creating an oil pastel drawing, creating art based on the seasons is exciting for the kids. These are similar to Artsy_T’s painted pumpkins. We mixed our paints with a little bit of paper mache (Elmer’s Art Paste)  to make them a bit more translucent.  (Not a necessary … Read more…

Spooky Silhouettes– Kindergarten

We just finished these lovely Halloween pictures today.  I don’t really like doing “holiday” art during art class unless I can tie in some solid art concepts.  (That’s why I sometimes do the fun crafty afterschool classes.)  For this project, the kindergartners learned a few art vocabulary words: Silhouette the outline or general shape of something…  a dark image outlined against a lighter background. Warm Colors the yellows and reds of the color spectrum, associated with fire, heat, sun, and warmer … Read more…

Halloween Ideas

Hello!  Halloween is quickly approaching.  It is one of my favorite times of year.  Too bad my daughter (3 years old) is scared of costumes and does not like them.  She has said a firefighter costume *might* be okay and she might possibly put one on.  I’m not doing any Halloween themed after school art classes this year (I have a shrinky-dink one that I am doing this week), but I thought I would re-post some of my fun Halloween … Read more…

Felt Monsters!

We also made Felt Monsters in our after school Halloween Crafts Class.  I got the idea from this blog!  Thanks Amanda! Finished monster by 3rd grader Use a piece of wood block, glue a piece of felt to all sides. Gather the rest of the felt and tie with rubber band.  A rectangle of felt can be cut out and glued to the bottom.  Cut out more pieces for the face.  Monsters on parade Lots of monsters We’re coming to … Read more…

Halloween Wreaths

For my Halloween Crafts class, I had 34 kids sign up and I split it into two days.  We had the first session yesterday!  One of the crafts we made were wreaths.  I purchased all kind of Halloween fabric, garland and trinkets and we wrapped, wove and tied them on to the wreath forms.  We used hot glue to attach the little trinkets.  K-5th grade! A student’s finished wreath All of the kids started with a wreath base and then … Read more…

Halloween Silhouettes– Kindergarten

This project is fun for any grade, but especially the kindergartners because it is so cute to see what they come up with.  We painted broad strokes of WARM COLORS in the background with watercolor paints.  Then, using black and white pieces of paper, we cut out spooky shapes– haunted houses, bats, ghosts, etc.  We used a black marker to draw extra details.

Halloween Ideas

So, you all know by now that I love love love Pinterest.  While I was browsing this wonderful site which had to have been created by an art teacher, I found these adorable monsters: Squeeeee!  Aren’t they so cute???  Here is the HOW TO MAKE…  So I decided I just had to make one of these.. and I did.  I don’t have pics of mine at home, but I will post them later.  What I did instead of using the … Read more…

Happy Halloween!

Here is another Halloween lesson I borrowed from a website long ago.  I do not remember where it is from. Halloween Silhouettes for Kindergartners1.  Create a wash of sunset colors on paper.  2.  Cut out spooky images using black, orange and white paper.3.  Glue to background.