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Free Printable: Faith Ringgold Inspired Quilt Template

Faith Ringgold Quilt Printable Art Project

Hi!  I’m here today to share with you a meaningful art project for your younger students.  This would be good as as a “getting to know you” activity.  The following examples were all made by kindergartners near the end of the year, but I would think this lesson would be suitable for kids through grades 2. Many art teachers have taught about the artist Faith Ringgold and had their students create paper quilts.  I have a free printable for you … Read more…

Mixed Media Collages by Kids – Inspired by Sabrina Ward Harrison

IMG_2552 2

In my last post, I showed you some of Sabrina Ward Harrison’s artwork and talked about what she shared with us at her artist visit.  Her artwork is very inspiring, messy and beautiful.  Please check out the other post to learn all about this artist.   After the presentation, smaller groups of kids in grades 3-6 had a collage workshop with Sabrina.  She demonstrated how to use Mod-Podge to paste down pieces of her pinwheel shape. While she demonstrated the … Read more…

Make Your Own Creature with Fabric and Paper Scraps


Little artists love digging into a big box of fabric scraps to find the perfect patterned piece that speaks to them. We have an upcoming Fine Arts Night with the theme of Animals. We are calling it “Wild about the Arts”, which someone suggested in the Facebook art teachers group.  The 1st graders made these fun creature collages.   First we read the book Zigzag by Robert Souci and looked at the illustrations of fabric dolls. The students made creature collages, either … Read more…

Stitching on Burlap: A Painting & Sewing Experience for Children


One type of art skill that I haven’t been the best at consistently teaching in my classroom is sewing.  I was reminded of how you can sew on burlap after seeing some painted and stitched leaves at my daughter’s school.  My third/fourth grade classes were often asking me if they could sew and I already had a lot of yarn and a roll of burlap at school. I wanted to share this idea with you quickly without a whole lot of … Read more…

Mixed Media Snowmen Art Project for Kids (1st Grade)

Snowmen Art Project for Kids

Are you looking for a fun new way to make snowmen with your kids?  I got the idea to use makeup remover pads  from Happy Hooligans. I did this project with 1st graders. Start by mixing shades of blue paint with white and other cool colors.  Explain to kids that when you mix white with a color, it makes a lighter tint of that color.  Paint a background for your snowmen.  Let it dry. Next, set out makeup remover pads, … Read more…

Yarn Wrapped Hearts (2nd Grade)

Yarn Wrapped Hearts

Often I get so wrapped up in the curriculum, I don’t take time to do “extra” projects which are just for fun for holidays.  Kids love celebrating holidays and often ask to do themed projects.  I am fine with that.. art should be fun!  I do like to incorporate skills and art techniques into each project we do.  For these yarn-wrapped hearts, I cut cardboard circles into heart shapes.  Since they had to be cut with a utility knife, I … Read more…

Painting on Cloth | 3rd Grade

Painting on Cloth

Painting on cloth gives such nice, soft colors and is a challenging change from painting on paper.  We tied our lesson into African Korhogo cloth painting and you can read about this project in previous posts here. We used unbleached muslin cloth and regular watercolor paints (Crayola or Prang.)  The kids drew their design on paper first, then put the paper under the muslin.  You can see the lines through the cloth.  Then, they traced the design onto the muslin … Read more…

1st Grade Fabric and Felt Collages

I loved these zig zag dolls by Patricia Saunders that were published in School Arts magazine earlier this year.  We have a large tub of fabric and felt scraps that I wanted to start using up.  After reading the book Zigzag the students dove into the box of fabric and started creating their own dolls and creatures. We just used regular Fiskars kids scissors (set aside especially for cutting fabric) and school glue.  The pieces were glued on to white … Read more…

Fabric Dolls by the 1st Graders

2013-04-11 01.23.09

Here are some of our cute fabric dolls the 1st graders made.  We used a lot of wrapping, tying and hot glue.  I would recommend having an older student helper or a couple of parent volunteers.  I’m trying to find an easier way to make fabric dolls with kids.  Any ideas?  These are very cute, but the kids needed a lot of help.   Google

Symmetrical Felt Wall Hangings


For this project, the first graders learned about symmetry and fabric arts.  I tied this lesson into quilt making and the children identified symmetry in some pictures of early American quilts and discussed why people would make quilts and why they would use scraps to sew their quilts. Then, using burlap, felt and fabric scraps, they made their own fabric wall hanging showing symmetry.  We used regular Elmer’s glue to  adhere everything.  At the end, I brought out buttons and … Read more…

Fabric Collages


I never posted about these fabric collages that we finished at the end of the year last year.   The third and fourth graders made these. We worked together to paint fabrics! We painted with acrylic paints on muslin fabric. We sprayed the fabric with water to allow the paint to spread more easily. We made graffiti fabrics! We had lots of painted fabrics at the end. We even painted over ugly patterned fabrics. Then, we chose our pieces and cut … Read more…

Kindergarten Felt Collage


This was a 2 day project.  We decided as a class what our theme would be for the banner.  We chose the jungle.  Next, we brainstormed types of animals in the jungle.  Each kid signed up for one animal to make.  We cut these out of felt.  Next, I hot glued them on to a piece of burlap and green felt.  The kids also raided the fabric scrap box for extra details. 

Our Tiny Friends and Foes Exhibit


My students participated in a community art exhibit at the Overture Center in Madison, WI.  The exhibit was fiber representations of microorganisms.  The opening was this past Friday and it was amazing!  All of the kids’ artwork was displayed, alongside other community artists.  Here is a link to all of OUR microorganisms.  You can see my post about this process here.  Here are some pictures of the gallery opening night.  My students’ work (and my own microorganism) is mixed in … Read more…

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