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How to Make a Christmas Tree Collage


Are you looking for a fun art project to try over winter break with your kids?  Here is one that is sure to be festive, fun and creative! What you will need: watercolor paints pencil watercolor paper paint brush cup of water markers.  For my own art, I prefer Micron markers, Sakura Koi markers, and Molotow White markers. stickers of your choice glue magazines assorted paper scraps of your choice 1.  Begin by drawing a Christmas tree shape on a piece of … Read more…

Picture Frame


Today we made picture frame ornaments with the 3rd graders.  First, I cut pieces of thin cardboard into square shapes.  Then, I cut tooling foil slightly larger than the cardboard squares.  The kids folded their tooling foil around the cardboard. Then, they used Crayola Dry Erase crayons and Sharpie markers to decorate the foil.  They left a rectangle in the middle where we will glue their class picture.  We also used Deco Art puff paint for additional details.  A ribbon … Read more…