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Mixed Media Canvases with Kids

Thanks for your kind comments about my fingers!  They are actually healing much faster than I expected. As you might know, I am a lover of all things mixed media!  I also enjoy occasionally teaching an after school art workshop for my students (I’d love to do more, but since my daughter goes to daycare it’s a bit tricky.)  I thought painted canvases would be a great gift for kids to give someone in their family, so I decided to … Read more…

Treasure Boxes– After School Art Class

  We made Treasure Boxes at an after school art class that I taught this month.  The students were in grades K-6 (about 12 kids).    I picked up cigar boxes from a local shop and the kids were able to decorate them with the plethora of supplies I had. We used wall paper scraps, wrapping paper, magazines, stickers, scrapbook papers…. colored tape… Each kid could decorate the box however they wanted. I showed them pictures of Joseph Cornell‘s mysterious … Read more…

After school class

I am teaching an after school art class for two sessions.  We are painting abstract paintings on canvas with acrylic paints! We are also experimenting with spray inks and stencils!  Next session, we are going to finish our abstract paintings and then add designs to our sprayed pictures to tie them together.

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