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Painted Rocks with Magazine Cut Outs

Painted Rocks with Magazine Words

At the end of the school year, my students had fun painting rocks and using magazine words to decorate them. We used acrylic paints to paint the rocks. Then, we used Mod Podge to glue down the words and seal them.

Painted Rocks with Magazine Words00001 Painted Rocks with Magazine Words00002

The metallic paint was from Target’s little acrylic paint jars.  I have some printable magazine word cut outs in my shop for easy use.  Just print, cut out and go!  These are perfect for collages, art journals and “About Me’ projects. Click on the banner below to check them out.

Printable Magazine Words BannerPainted Rocks with Magazine Words00003This girl used emoji pictures that she found and printed off from the internet.
Painted Rocks with Magazine Words00007At home I’ve been busy doing landscaping on our new house.  There was one little area in front of the garage that didn’t have anything planted, so I decided to make a rock garden! Painting rocks has caught on throughout the country.  Our city has a painted rocks Facebook group.  People paint rocks and then hide them throughout the city at parks or other public buildings.  My kids have enjoyed painting some rocks and then also randomly finding them throughout the summer.
Rock garden

In other news, after a really, really long time of only having a personal Instagram account, I decided to separate the pictures of my personal life (kid pics) from my art blog pictures.  So… follow Art is Basic on Instagram to catch more pictures that will inspire you!

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