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Train Track Mural Drawings

Train Mural Pictures00013

If you would like a fun activity for a group of young kids or even your own little train enthusiastic, try this railroad track mural art project!  My students worked in groups of 3 or more.  First, they assembled a train track with wooden tracks.  This took a lot of planning and collaboration.  They needed to work together as a team to get the tracks to fit on their piece of paper.

Train Mural Pictures00001


Train Mural Pictures00002

After the groups were satisfied with their layout, they traced the tracks with pencil.  Then, they added train stations, shops, ponds, parks and whatever else they wanted on their picture.  The students had to come to agreements and work together to come up with compromises when they did not agree.

Train Mural Pictures00003

These designs were colored with markers, crayons and Kwik Stix paint sticks.  The kids also had the option to cut out and glue railroad signs and trains (all images are public domain from Pixabay.com or used with express permission from Innovation Press).  The printables for the railroad signs and trains are here.  Kids coul also cut out trees or trains from construction paper scraps.

Train Mural Pictures00004 Train Mural Pictures00005
Train Mural Pictures00007 Train Mural Pictures00008 Train Mural Pictures00009 Train Mural Pictures00010 Train Mural Pictures00012 Train Mural Pictures00013

Old Tracks, New Tricks by Jessica Petersen is a very creative and fun book to go along with this art project.  The book encourages kids to look at their toys in new and creative ways!


Download this project with free printables here.

If you liked this idea with train tracks, check out these other two blog posts inspired by the book Old Tracks, New Tricks.

I was given a free copy of this book to review.

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