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Primary Color Hands for Kindergartners

Primary Color Hands Cover

Here is a simple lesson to introduce your students to the primary colors.

We started out by reading the book Mouse Paint, which is a fun story to teach about primary colors.

My kindergartners, while I love them dearly, were having difficulties lately with classroom procedures. We needed to go back to the basics with simple materials until they understood how and why to clean up. I pulled out this idea that I got about 11 years ago when I first started teaching.  It was part of a kindergarten art “booklet” that was passed on to me from other art teachers.

Primary Hands The process is very simple and easy to follow.  Trace your hands and then color designs inside with red, yellow and blue.  This happened on the first day.

Primary Hands 5During the second class period, the hands were then attached to a larger paper.  Tissue paper squares, shape stickers and paper mosaic squares were glued on to the border.

Primary Hands 4

Then, they glued on this strip of paper.

Microsoft Word - My hands are colored with the.docx

This sheet can be downloaded here:  Primary Color Hands Download

Primary Hands 2 Primary Colors 3 Primary Color Hands Primary Color Hands 3

After this project, we are going to attempt a simple color mixing activity with paint.

What do you think?  Have you taught a similar project?

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