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Painted and Doodled Stars Tutorial

I feel like I have stumbled upon my newest art series for my own art.  Earlier I wrote a blog post about how to make watercolor doodled flowers.  Using a similar technique, I made watercolor mandalas.  I have a new painting to show you with watercolor and doodled stars.   These were all made by starting with watercolor paints and then doodling on top with thin markers.

Watercolor Star Doodles

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1.  Start by lightly sketching stars with pencil.  Keep them loose and rounded if you’d like.

Sketch stars

2.  Use watercolor paints to paint the stars.  I like how watercolor looks when more than one color is blended together.  While one color is still wet, drop another similar color on top.

Painted Stars

Painted Stars

3.  Use a sharpie marker to begin outlining the stars.

Painted Stars

4.  Use the black Sharpie to add details, designs, doodles and dangly things to the stars.  Doodle around the edges and also create some patterns and designs on the insides.

Doodled and Painted Stars

4.  Use a thin Micron pen to make additional doodly details.


5.  Color in some of the doodles with colorful brush markers or colored Sharpies.

Color in the doodles

5.  Use a white paint marker to make accents and embellishments on top of the colored areas.

Doodled Stars

Here are my finished stars!  This technique can be used with any type of shape… hearts, flowers, lettering.. the possibilities are endless.

Doodled and Painted Stars Tutorial



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4 Responses to Painted and Doodled Stars Tutorial

  1. Lisa Fochesato says:

    Love this. ✨

  2. kara says:

    this is a fabulous idea with such easy and fun directions…. allows for so much creativity… I love how you explain your lessons

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