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Huge Printable Art Advocacy List! What Do Artists Do?

Many of you probably know of Ian and Melissa from Apex High School.  They have developed a list of Artistic Behaviors for the high school level.  I have been following along and seeing how they teach their students.  Seeing their list gave me the idea to create posters that shows kids what artists do and what exactly is an artist.  I decided to simplify the behaviors for elementary school students and start from the basics.  Start from the ground and work up.  I mean, many of my students come to kindergarten and they haven’t done weaving before or they don’t know that artists make public art.   Or they have been exposed to different forms of art, but have not recognized them as such.

Do your students think art is just about making pretty pictures?  Do people tell you that your job must be so fun because all you do is play with kids all day?  Yes, we do get to play with kids, but there is SO MUCH more that artists learn and do in art class and in the world.  I created these What Do Artists Do? posters to advocate for the importance of art and to widen kids’ understanding of art.  Here are links so you can download a high resolution copy of the signs:

JPGs: https://www.artisbasic.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/What-Do-Artists-Do-List-1.jpg
PDFs: https://www.artisbasic.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/WDAD-List-2.pdf

What Artists Do: Art Advocacy Posters

What Artists Do: Art Advocacy Posters

What Artists Do: Art Advocacy Posters

What Artists Do: Art Advocacy Posters

Another way to use this list is to review the statements and see if your curriculum touches upon these behaviors and contributions of artists.

These go along with my What Artists Do poster sets which are available at my TPT shop.  So if you are looking for some colorful and fun art advocacy signs, look no further.

What Do Artists Do Posters

I have these posters hanging in my room now and kids often stop to look at them and comment about them.

Save $$ by purchasing the Full Set of ALL 82 Posters as a package!

One art teacher said, “This set is amazing! Well worth the cost. I plan to laminate them and use them in a Youth Art Month Display. There is an incredible amount of valuable content here that has potential in many ways. Thanks for such a nice supplement for my art room!”

If you have purchased these or other items from my shop, please leave feedback!

What would you add to this list?


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About Marcia Beckett

Marcia is an elementary art teacher and loves painting, drawing, sculpture, art journaling and clay. Her blog, Art is Basic, features many exciting art projects for kids.

15 Responses to Huge Printable Art Advocacy List! What Do Artists Do?

  1. Kukalaka mishabob says:

    Some of the images you use are in the public domain, but I am wondering if you have permission to use ( and profit from) some of the more contemporary photographs? These are likely copyright protected.

    • Images and clip art are either in the public domain or have Creative Commons/Attribution/Sharealike or Commercial use Licenses. They are credited at the end of the pdf document.

  2. Lee Darter says:

    I love this list… I will share it on my arts advocacy table!

  3. kara says:

    these are so wonderful…. I am going to buy package and put them all up in my art show next week!!!! thank you… your blog is FANTASTIC… I have been following you for about a year

  4. Josh says:

    This is a great advocacy for art. We will surely let the world know

  5. Leslie says:

    Does the entire packet include the Main list? I’d like to make that poster size to hang outside the classroom.

  6. Anna Mitchell says:

    I LOVE all of these posters, thank you for sharing them! However, when I click on the links to view/download them, nothing happens…Is there another way that I can download/purchase them?

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