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Getting to Know You Sheets and Printable Art Awards in TPT Shop

Are you looking for something fun to do on the first day of school with your kids?  There is a huge list of ideas on this blog post of tips for the start of the school year.  Another idea is to have your students fill out an “artist profile” about themselves.  I have five new Getting to Know You sheets in my TPT shop.  The first is a colorful 11″x17″ poster size the kids can draw, write and color on about themselves.  The second is a bundle of 4 different black and white sheets.

Getting to Know You blog picThe prompts are fairly open-ended and can be interpreted in different ways. I would give different sheets to different classes or let them pick which one they want to do.

This activity can be used as quick assessment of where your students are at with their fine motor, drawing, creativity and conceptual skills.

Some of the prompts include personal things such as:
“My favorite things to draw…”
“A self-portrait of the artist”
“I can draw a picture of where I live”

and then more general art-specific prompts such as:
“I can draw a picture using only geometric shapes.”
“I can draw a picture using rainbow colors.”

Getting to Know You sheets blog pic

Another new product I have added is a set of 14 super colorful Art Awards!  These are more likely to be used at the end of the semester, but they are fun to give at any time.

Art Awards Header

I have added a package of 14 printable art certificates.

Honor your students with printable art certificates. This product contains 14 different styles of art certificates. Just print on a color printer and personalize for your student.

Included are:
1. “Art Award”  (which was offered for free on my blog earlier this year… super popular!)
2. Artist of the Week (stripes)
3. Artist of the Week (colored pencils)
4. Artistic Problem Solver
5. Awesome Attitude Award
6. Creativity Award (zigzags)
7. Creativity Award (paint splotches)
8. Expressive Color Award
9. Honorable Mention
10. Innovative Designer
11. Leadership in the Arts
12. Principal’s Choice (have your principal award these to outstanding artworks of their choice)
13. Student’s Choice (have visitors vote on their favorite at an art show)
14. Super Star Helper

If there are any awards you would like to see in this package, let me know!


** If you have read all the way down to the bottom of this post, I have a little secret for you.  TPT almost always has a site-wide back to school sale.  I’m guessing this year will be no different.  Many (if not most) of the sellers will mark down their products about 20% off and then TPT will also add a general coupon code for additional savings off your entire order.  What I am doing now is perusing the site and as I find things I am interested in, I will put them on my wishlist so when it comes time for their big sale in a few weeks, I will have a list of things ready to add to my shopping cart.  Just a tip! **

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