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Studying African Masks: 3rd Grade

The 3rd graders studied Africa in their social studies classroom and we learned about African masks in art class.

The students watched a video that explained about the functions of masks, celebrations, rituals and materials used to make the masks.  (Crizmac Tribal Designs video)

image via the African Heritage Cultural Center


Using markers, the third graders drew their own masks.  The students were encouraged to include human and/or animal features and to personalize the masks with colors and designs of their own choosing.

When we made our clay face mugs, the children had the option of using these drawings to inspire their clay cups.

2013-02-18 22.40.12 2013-02-18 22.40.29 2013-02-18 22.40.34 2013-02-18 22.40.45

For more African art lessons, be sure to check out these past projects from my elementary students.

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Marcia is an elementary art teacher and loves painting, drawing, sculpture, art journaling and clay. Her blog, Art is Basic, features many exciting art projects for kids.
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