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    What do artists do? - A HUGE set of posters for art advocacy!
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What are Kwik Stix? My first vlog.. video blogging!

What are Kwik Stix?  Today I will share with you my first vlog.  What is vlogging?  Video blogging.  In this video, I will share with you a new product I am loving and tell you my opinions. In the picture below, the butterfly was painted with paint dotters.  The background designs were drawn with Kwik Stix. The designs drawn on top of the shapes are drawn with Kwik Stix. You can blend the Kwik Stix with water and a paintbrush. … Read more…

Huge Printable Art Advocacy List! What Do Artists Do?

Do your students think art is just about making pretty pictures?  Do people tell you that your job must be so fun because all you do is play with kids all day?  Yes, we do get to play with kids, but there is SO MUCH more that artists learn and do in art class and in the world.  I created these What Do Artists Do? posters to advocate for the importance of art and to widen kids’ understanding of art. … Read more…

The Value of Independent and Exploratory Art

Colorful Abstract Picture

I wanted to explain to you how our art class periods are structured.  Students have art twice a week for 40 minutes.  Typically, we start with a 5 minute art warm up drawing in a sketchbook.  Then we move to instruction, demonstration, art history or literature connections.  Finally, for the majority of the time, the students work on their artwork.  Students work at all different paces.  Some students work very quickly and others take as much as double the amount … Read more…

Sand Art Pictures with 5th & 6th Grade

Sand Art

This project was a huge hit with my 5th/6th grade classes.  There’s something about the feel of sand through your fingers that is soothing.  I’m telling you, every kid was very engaged.  I got applause after one of my demonstrations.  Applause!  When was the last time you had your class cheer and applaud after a demonstration? We used Sand-O Adhesive Boards and X-Acto knives to make our pictures.  First, we drew the design with pencil.  Then we carefully cut one … Read more…

Peanut Butter and Jellyfishes Book

ABC Book

I want to show you a beautiful book I discovered called Peanut Butter and Jellyfishes: A Very Silly Alphabet Book by Brian P. Clearly. The book was illustrated by Betsy E. Snyder and I think the pictures are fantastic.  The style of the book is reminiscent of Eric Carle’s painted paper collages. Aren’t they beautiful?  On each page of the book are pictures that feature things that start with one letter of the alphabet.  My first grade students created an … Read more…

Some of My Favorite Presentations from NAEA 2016

NAEA (19)

In my last post, I wrote an overall recap of the National Art Education Association conference.  I also gave a summary of the artist Jesse Reno’s speech.  In another post, I put together a little art history quiz of artworks from the Art Institute of Chicago. Today I am going to share with you some highlights from a few of the presentations.  If you would like to see all of the handouts from the presentations that were uploaded, they are … Read more…

NAEA Convention Recap Part 1


  Hi, artsy friends!  It’s taken awhile for me to gather all my pictures and information from the National Art Education Association conference and compile them into a recap.  At my school, if you go to a conference, you present something about your experience at one of our weekly staff meetings.  So I am “killing two birds with one stone”.  If you have never been to an art conference, it is really fun! There are many, many sessions to choose … Read more…

Jesse Reno: ambition over direction


When I found out that Jesse Reno was going to be at the National Art Education Conference this year, I was stoked.  I’ve been following his artwork and blog for several years and I love how layered and complex his paintings are.   You have to watch his process of transforming one thing into another while painting.  He has several videos on his blog where you can watch him paint.   I was excited to hear him talk, but it would have … Read more…

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