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Tinfoil Figure Sculpture

Here is a fun 3-d project I did with my 3rd-5th grade classes as an asynchronous (at-home) art project. We have been hybrid for a little while and some of my classes are still fully virtual. I have been giving out asynchronous assignments and then having 1 live (either in person or virtual) art class per week as well. I found this handout online from Shoshy Art, which inspired this project. I created a step-by-step video for my students. Here … Read more…

Spring Vase of Flowers Art Project

Spring Vase of Flowers Art Project

We are in the depths of winter here with lots of snow and cold weather. I am so looking forward to Spring and thought this colorful project would brighten your day. This was a distance learning lesson I did last Spring when we were home from coronavirus. I made a video to show how to do this project. You use magazine pages, scrapbook paper or whatever colorful paper you have. You can even use the inside of patterned envelopes or … Read more…

5 Artists that Use Hearts in their Artwork

5 Artists that Use Hearts in their Artwork

I created a slideshow of 5 artists that use hearts in their artwork! My plan is to show my distance learners this slideshow which features a range of heart artworks and then have them create their own heart-inspired artwork using their own choice of media and creativity. Feel free to use the slideshow with your students to show them some heart themed artwork. Perfect for Valentine’s Day! The five artists that I used in this slideshow maybe are already known … Read more…

Easy Homemade Scratch Art

Today I am going to show you a quick and easy homemade scratch art trick which is fun for kids to try. You can make your own real scratch art paper using oil pastels and watered down black paint. Or you can buy your own scratch art paper pre-made (affiliate link). This is a fun little trick that amazes and delights kids. You can make your own scratch art paper using just crayons. Start by coloring a patchwork of colors … Read more…

Monday Mousterworks with Angela C. Hawkins

Monday Mousterworks with Angela C. Hawkins

You are invited to follow along and join in with Angela C. Hawkins, a children’s author illustrator, as she recreates 52 Masterpieces in her children’s book style. Every Monday she will post them on her blog and her social media. She says, “For this project, I’ve preselected 52 Masterpieces to render in my children’s book style. Every Monday in 2021 I will post each rendition and some thoughts on Instagram, Facebook, and my blog. (Don’t forget to look for two mice in each … Read more…

Monster Origami Bookmarks

Monster Origami Bookmarks

My students LOVED this project. I had excellent participation for this lesson and we are fully remote. I sent home origami paper to the students in a materials bag, but kids could make their own origami paper simply by cutting a square out of a piece of white copy paper. We used the directions from Red Ted Art: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVkJPCp_1UQ. I hope that this project helps add variety to your distance learning plans. I was so excited when my students were … Read more…

Perler Beads- Mario and Among Us

Perler Beads- Mario and Among Us

My 1st grade son has been really on a Perler bead kick lately. He made all of these designs this week. Here is a beginner’s guide to Perler (or fuse) beads. I thought this might be something my readers would be interested in learning about as a gift idea for a young child in their life. My son looked at some examples on the internet for Mario designs and then made them by looking at the pictures. These are from … Read more…

Distance Art Lesson: Shapes with Repeating Lines

We are still fully virtual over here! I feel like I have been getting into a groove and things are going pretty well. Here is a lesson I did for kindergarten and first grade. Repetition in art means to repeat something again and again. If you have been making distance learning art lessons and have shared them on a website, please comment below! I am always looking for new ideas.

Frog and Lilypad- Claude Monet

I have a whole slideshow that I will show my students about Claude Monet and his Impressionist artwork. This is a project I have adapted for distance learning. All of my kids have watercolor paints as part of their art supplies at home. I used this lesson as an idea to adapt my lesson. Usually I have the kids paint on cardboard circles, then attach lilypads using construction paper and tissue paper, but I figured most would not have tissue … Read more…

Gratitude Turkey- Distance Learning

Here is a fun social emotional project that works for distance learning too. I started with a how to draw a turkey sheet I found online. I wanted to link it here, but when I went to look for it again, it had disappeared! I’ve searched and searched and can’t find the original tutorial. Anyways, you can do the same thing by finding a “how to draw a turkey” step by step online and then doing the next steps you … Read more…

Shape Collage

Last blog post, I showed how to make different types of painted papers with watercolor paints. We are still doing distance learning, so my students did this lesson at home. These are the slides that I used to show them how to make a shape collage. Shape is an element of art. I like to show a lot of examples from different artists, contemporary and modern.

Painted Papers

I had my students make painted papers for one week’s assignment. Their task was to make 4 painted papers (two with swatches of color and two with line patterns.). Then, they are going to turn their painted papers into collages the next week. Here are the steps I gave them. We are fully remote here. Watercolor paints was something I put on their supply list.

Latinx Heritage Month Art Books

From Wikipedia, “National Hispanic Heritage Month is a period from 15 September to 15 October in the United States for recognizing the contributions and influence of Hispanic Americans to the history, culture, and achievements of the United States.” Our Spanish teacher invited us to bring some children’s books that highlight Latinx authors and artists to our classroom this month. With the librarian, language arts teachers and Spanish teacher, I brainstormed books to read to my classes. These are some of … Read more…